gamigo acquires global games licenses from playzo

Darmstadt, Hamburg, 24.05.2016

gamigo AG (“gamigo”, bond ISIN: DE000A1TNJY0), a leading company in the fast-growing games market in Europe and North America, today announced that it is further expanding its games publishing business by acquiring 100 percent of Looki Assembly Studios GmbH (former playzo games GmbH) based in Darmstadt/Germany. The subsidiary company of playzo GmbH, founded by Christoph Süß in 2010, has been responsible for the development of games like “Desert Operations”, “Wargame 1942″ and “Generals of War” and will continue to work on these titles in the future, but under a new company name. The brand "playzo" as long as the other games distributed under playzo GmbH like Harvestopia, Operation-Weltherrschaft and Fussballcup are not part of the deal. Playzo terminates cooperation with gamigo with this deal completely.

The acquisition of worldwide rights to successful games such as Desert Operations, Wargame 1942 and Generals of War will enable gamigo to develop additional markets and to better adapt the games to their respective market environments by providing ongoing updates, thereby enabling the games to achieve further growth. By taking over the playzo games GmbH studio in Darmstadt, gamigo ensures close coordination between publishing and product enhancement activities. In the upcoming months, the focus will be on expanding and optimizing the acquired games. The acquisition of playzo games GmbH will have a positive effect on EBITDA and net profit as early as the second quarter of 2016.

Christoph Süß, CEO of playzo GmbH, comments: “With gamigo’s acquisition of the game licenses as well as the studio both publishing and game development are in one hand, which will sustainably increase efficiency. Me and playzo is going to focus on the development of new and innovative game projects such as Instant Warfare from now on.”

Remco Westermann, CEO of gamigo AG, said: “We are continuing our growth strategy. With the addition of an experienced team and the planned expansion of the Darmstadt site, we will continue to focus squarely on improving our products, which will have a sustained, positive effect on growth and profitability.”

About playzo GmbH
playzo GmbH is a Darmstadt-based game production company that was founded by Christoph Süß in 2004. Its creative minds have brought forth titles such as “Desert Operations”, “Romadoria”, and “Harvestopia”. playzo GmbH can draw on more than 10 years of experience with strategy games to further expand its achievements in this field in the future.

About the gamigo group
The gamigo group is one of the leading gaming companies in Europe and North America with more than 65 million registered user accounts and over 100 staff members in Hamburg, Berlin, Münster, Darmstadt (Germany) and Chicago (USA). The company functions as a publisher for free-to-play mobile and online games and also offers modular Software-as-a-service solutions for business customers within the scope of the gamigo platform strategy. The gamigo platform helps publishers and developers from all over the world publish and promote their products efficiently and cost-effectively. The company’s core portfolio is comprised of successful games like Fiesta Online, Last Chaos, Dragon’s Prophet, Empire Universe 3, Desert Operations, Kings and Legends, Wickie Online and the cross-platform game The Rats. As early as in the year 2000, gamigo published the first MMOG that was completely localized into German. gamigo strives to grow its business organically as well as via acquisitions and has performed 10+ M&As since 2014, including companies specializing in games and technology as well as individual game assets.

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