Our beginnings are in 2001 when we launched one of the first browser games. What started out as a contract work was actually the cornerstone of our success. Christoph Süß takes over and continues it as "Operation Weltherrschaft". Within a short time more than 30,000 players take part in the game.


On 24 June 2004 at the age of only 18, Christoph Süß founds the company that is to be renamed to playzo later on.


"Operation Weltherrschaft" is still going strong and monetization is being introduced. Players can now purchase in-game advantages for real money.


playzo starts its 2nd game: "Warfare 1942". The strategy title plays in World War II. For the first time players can build their base freely thanks to a tile based system.


  • Our third browser game launches. The role playing game "Gronenland", set in the viking age, enjoys a large popularity. For better marketing playzo enters a cooperation with a publisher.
  • playzo develops a successor to "Operation Weltherrschaft" with a more modern graphical design and launches it in Portugal under the name of "Desert Operations".
  • The cooperation with a publisher is being extended and now also includes "Desert Operations". Not long after the games has more than 100,000 users.


"Desert Operations" is translated into more than 10 languages and enthuses hundreds of thousands of players.


Together with a publisher

playzo starts the strategy browser game "Romadoria" whose gameplay is loosely based on that of "Desert Operations" and is set in ancient Rome.


  • playzo starts the first white label spin off of "Desert Operations". It's called "Wargame 1942", is set in World War 2 and gains several ten thousand players within a few days.
  • playzo expands its portfolio. In "Farmtastic" the player manages his own farms, sows, harvests and takes care of his cows. In cooperation with a publisher

    it is being launched in Germany and France.


playzo ports the browser game Desert Operations to a tablet app. It's being published in Apple's AppStore and Google's PlayStore and enjoys great popularity.


The second white label spin off based on Desert Operations", called "Generals of War", which is set in World War I, is launched in cooperation with a publisher



playzo sold international game licenses of Desert Operations as well as it's whitelabel spin-offs Generals of War, Wargame 1942 and Romadoria to hamburg-based gamigo AG. playzo will now focus on developing new and innovative games such as Instant Warfare

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